Because we like you charged.

Who are we?

Sparky is a start-up focussing on keeping your mobile devices charged at all times. We value your wish to stay connected and will try to assist you at all times.

We rent out high quality powerbanks with the help of our charging stations. Would you like to keep your phone charged on the go?

Sparky Services

Charge any device with our multi functional powerbanks

How Sparky works

Charging your mobile devices has never been so easy before

PowerBank rental​

Battery almost dead? No worries, we've got your back! Just download the sparky app and follow the next steps.


Take a look at the map and locate a sparky power station in your area. Go to the power station and open the app.

Create an account

Create an account on the app and connect a valid payment method. Its very simple.

Scan QR-Code

With the app; scan the QR code on the station and grab the powerbank near the blinking LED.


Charge you phone for only €1,- an hour and stay connected!


When satisfied, return the powerbank to a station of choice (make sure to check if it has empty slots)

Lorenzo De Laet

Web design, APP front-end & graphics

Pieter Neyens

APP Back-end & Data management

Cédric Van Broek

APP front-end, Team Lead & Hardware

Feng Lin

head of finance

Kasper Ruys

Hardware designer

Sparky Powerbank Rental

Download the app below and stay charged & connected at all times!

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